We are Marketa (from the Czech Republic, based in Bristol, UK) and Lea Valentina (from Germany, based in Munich). Together, we are the handpan and world music duo MEA.

Questions and answers

Who are you?

We are humans, musicians, sound explorers and nature lovers. The MEA project is the story of our deep friendship, sharing the vision of a colorful human experience with all its subtle facets.

The media you work with?


What do you do? What is your topic of research?

Combining the sounds of handpans with voice, guitar, flute and percussion and playing with subtle melodies and expressive rhythms, we explore the vast possibilities our lives offer by deeply entering within and connecting to our surroundings through sound and vibration.

What does it mean for you?

Playing music together mainly means connection to us - to reconnect with nature and with ourselves and to keep reminding ourselves of the magic that can be found in every small detail, if we are willing to see and feel it. With this mission in our hearts we embark on our musical journey and invite the listener to join us.

Interesting fact about you…

Our thoughts are so often in sync that it’s almost impossible to just call it coincidence. We realized that apart from being friends we are great mirrors for each other. However, on our first encounter we did not enjoy each other 's presence very much. On our second encounter we started to like each other but did not connect to each other’s playing. Life did not give up on us and gave us more opportunities to connect. Now we trust each other blindly, feel so much love for each other and are often impressed how music flows so easily when we play together. We are more than grateful that we did not fall for this first impression that was in this case absolutely wrong.

“I believe in the power of …”

We believe in the power of sharing, of thoughtful intentions and love, encountering each moment as it comes, one at a time..

What does Ground mean to you?

Connection to where we come from, where all life comes from, mother Earth and the abundance she offers. Dirty hands, bare feet and a feeling of belonging.


Ground Experimental Theater On Abovyan Street Vahan Matevosyan And MEA Performance Stepping Into The Light Ground Experimental Theater On Abovyan Street MEA Performance The Act Of Listenin Berlin Art Hotel MEA Handpan Concert