Syuzi Ginosyan

Born Oh Armenia, ohh Gyumri)

Questions and answers

Who are you?

I think it’s difficult to describe yourself, because perceptions of people are different. Everyone says that I’m a sun, maybe because of my hair, I don’t know 🌞 I really love to live, and I try to live as beautiful, warm and harmonious as possible.

The media you work with?

I am an art critic, curator and musician.

What do you do? What is your topic of research?

I’m an art critic, but I’d rather call myself a musician, who is trying to develop the skills of a curator.

What does it mean for you?

I think it’s a lifestyle for me.

Interesting fact about you…

I’m a mommy, who does everything for being a good mommy, but at the same time for not being just a mommy haha)) The source of all my inspiration is my family.

“I believe in the power of …”

I believe that nothing happens by chance in this life, and that we all came to life for a special purpose and we should change the world.

What does Ground mean to you?

Ground is the basis for everything. Just for me it is the beginning of a new worldview related to my career activity.