The artistic projects, developed during the #GUrbanResidency 2021, will be presented during the #GroundArtFest on 6/7/8 of August in the form of curatorial projects in public spaces, [Grounds] around the town, specifically in historically important but currently abandoned locations. The residency program evolved in specific Grounds of public areas of Gyumri city. We intend to rediscover the cultural heritage of site-specific locations by artistic interventions within them.

Program Projects


We start with the cooperation between artists based in Gyumri and Munich and currently involve more than 21 artists from 5 countries. The artist will stay and create during the residency program in the ArtLab near Gyumri between 12.07.2021-12.08.2021. Since the purpose is not only personal artistic study, but also meaningful and communicative encounters between artists and local people, we are also planning workshops, film screenings, educational programs and cultural events in the framework of regional development.


During the #GUrbanResidency and the #GroundArtFest there will be a small film fest with some screenings and discussions if possible with the presence of films’ directors. During the festival one cozy yard of the city will transform into an open air cinema and be a host for local, as well international directors and their movies .


GUrban ArtLab

The [ArtLab] is a home and workplace for local and international artists, who want to develop their personal artistic study in the context of Gyumri and the Region. The main goal beyond the art itself is to initiate meaningful and communicative encounters among local people through attending the exhibitions, workshops, lectures at the ArtLab.

The ArtLab will become the basis of the cultural development of the region. The venue for workshops, concerts, performances at the same time residencies for international and local artists. The purpose of artists, in the residency program, is not only personal artistic study, as well as collaboration with local artists, educational programs and cultural events in the framework of regional development.


We are starting our long-term project to support people affected by the war from the border village Aygepar. With the money we raised through our Artworks for Peace project, we were able to support them with food, clothes and other essential utensils. Besides the material support, we organized workshops and activities for the children and youth of the village.

AygePar Team

Special thanks to Arman Petrosyan and Shushan Muradyan

Sona Nersesyan Gevorg Sargsyan Davit Margaryan Maria Matinyan

Gevorg Grigoryan Vahan Matevosyan Rafael Sargsyan


The ongoing charity auction pursues the goal of humanitarian aid for the survivors of the war in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) in 2020. All contributions are directed to implementation of long-term projects like #AygeParumEnq to support people affected by the war.

The exhibition was organized by the founders of GURBAN Initiative and opened in Munich on 14. & 15. December 2020 and then because of Covid-19 was moved to an online platform. More than 25 artists based in Armenia and Germany contributed with their artworks.

Make your contribution, choose Your ArtworkForPeace here !


“This song was recorded in collaboration with the GURBAN artist collective in the exhibition ‘for Peace and Recovery’ in Munich. Together with many other Armenian and international artists, we worked on ideas on how to create a message of peace in the face of the massive destruction that happened in Artsakh, Armenia in 2020” Lea Valentina Limmbrunner.