Mariam Ghalayan

Born in December 1997 in Yerevan, Armenia.

Questions and answers

Who are you?

I'm just Mariam who can be inspired by everything.

The media you work with?


What do you do? What is your topic of research?

I am a theater director, also engaged in my profession. I explore the theater of the absurd, violent theater, performance.

What does it mean for you?

I study the "body" not only of humanity. My profession is all about to feel for me.

Interesting fact about you…

I was born at 7.5 months, I have a twin sister and a spot on my forehead.

“I believe in the power of …”

"I believe in the power of x, and that's NOTHING."։

What does Ground mean to you?

Ground is another opportunity for me to do my research and to meet other researchers.


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