Maida Kasarian

born 22.02.1979 in Jerewan, based in Munich Dance Workshop/Project “NoLimits”

Questions and answers

Who are you?

I’m a mother of two boys, manager, dancer and choreographer and a dreamer.

The media you work with?

Media I use for my art/ music by Kay I work with bodies and creative, open minds, here with children and (hopefully) audience.

What do you do? What is your topic of research?

“NoLimits” is a dance/movement workshop and performance.

What does it mean for you?

it’s a special honor to work with Armenian children in Armenia, as it’s a first time for me.

Interesting fact about you…

I was born in Armenia, but do live in Germany since 1994, last time I visited Armenia was 15 years ago.

“I believe in the power of …”

“I believe in the power of love and respect”

What does Ground mean to you?

Life, Roots, Power.

My Projects

Ground Mother Armenia And Gyumri Hayortyats Tun Maida Kasarian Workshop And Performance Nolimits Ground Gyumri Aygepar Karmir Shuka Gyumri